Welcome to Money Conversations!

A place to explore finances and find creative, holistic solutions.

Many of us want to understand our finances better but don’t know where to go for information. Or if we have the information we’re often unsure how it applies to our particular situation.

Money Conversations is a place to

  • Find the resources to get you started
  • Access practical workshops and your relationship to money and where you can connect to get help, advice and a plan to get you moving towards your goals.

There are many ways to get started on your journey.

It starts with knowing your numbers, rather than wondering. Often my clients have fears of being on the “Freedom 85” plan, and are surprised to find out it’s so much better than that. In these cases we start with a cash flow plan, and expand into a financial plan.

Other clients want to come to some of the workshops first, to learn some general knowledge to do with investing, insurance or the psychology behind it.  And they can get an idea of how I work. From there, they can decide which part they want to start with.

Yet other clients experience so much stress in their current life, even if they have more than enough money coming in, that they know they need to start with the stress component first and find out where that’s coming from in order to be able to resolve it. Those clients will start with the Money Coaching first.

And if you’re not sure, book an introductory session with me to see if and how I can help.